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Dry carpet cleaning

Refresh Your Carpets with Our Dry Carpet Cleaning in Holloway

When you’re seeking to freshen up and clean your carpets but you don’t really want to risk shrinkage or damage because the fabric is too gentle, call us in for dry carpet cleaning in Holloway. This dry cleaning method is used for moisture-sensitive carpets, which don’t tolerate water. Don’t be mistaken, it works as good as steam cleaning, but without the drying time. Sometimes it is even better. Here is what it is all about. You have dry foam or powder and a bonnet. 

This totally guaranteed assistance, provided by skilled cleaners, is ideal for the almost all sensitive or valuable of carpets and rugs. Arrange your cleaning as a one-off assistance to refresh your floors covers, or book it regularly to maintain your cherished rugs looking their very best.

Brilliant Service That Gives You Fast and Effective Results!

When our trained and certified by Prochem expert carpet cleaning staff come into your home in Holloway, they will immediately get started with the cleaning and they will bring all necessary tools, supplies, and equipment! They will inspect the fabric of your carpets or rugs to determine the very best approach to cleaning they need to apply. Then they will sprinkle a unique enzyme powder over it to bind the dirt and allergens. After the treatment is executed, and all of the spots are eliminated, they will work with vacuum cleaner to remove the powder and the dirt and grime from your rugs.

Book Over the Phone!

Why not call us today on 07418 355 143 so we can schedule your carpet cleaning as soon as possible? We pride ourselves on the efficiency and efficacy of our client services. We will offer you a free no-obligation quotation alongside a free-of-charge discussion.